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Proven Solutions To Help Your Child Now & Into Adulthood

Seeing your teenager or young adult child suffering due to anxiety, stress, bullying and social isolation is heartbreaking. When these issues persist or become more intense you can feel helpless, searching for a solution that not only delivers noticeable results but one your child will engage with.

My proven anxiety hypnotherapy program for teens and young adults offers the fastest working, drug free and long-term solution that will allow your child to better deal with bullies, reclaim their happiness and confidence, and become more resilient and engaged with family, school, sports and social activities.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Designed For Teens and Young Adults

This program, specifically designed to engage teenagers and young adults, uses proven personalised anxiety hypnotherapy, rapid transformation therapy (RTT) and other proven, drug-free, therapeutic approaches that deal with the root cause of your child's issue to provide a permanent solution that work in just weeks.

Different From Other Therapies

Your child's relaxing, healing sessions will be tailored to their exact needs so we can quickly identify and eliminate the root causes and daily triggers of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and other issues. Allowing them to quickly get back to the best version of themselves and begin looking forward to a bright future.

For teens who have been bullied I have specific strategies to stop attracting and better deal with bullies and overcome the trauma of various types of bullying.

Boston's Leading Teenager Anxiety & Mental Health Hypnotherapy Expert

Parents, is anxiety affecting your teen's life and yours?

Is the constant worry impacting family dynamics and relationships?

Have the pandemic lockdowns affected your child's social skills and friendship circles?

If your child struggles in social situations, becomes overwhelmed at exam time, or everyday situations trigger panic and stress, affecting their well-being and yours, it's time for a change.

Having worked with countless teenagers and their families, I understand the toll it takes. Now, I'm here to help your child break free from anxiety, stress, trauma and panic by addressing the root causes.

Imagine a transformed life for both you and your teen where your child is confident, happy and fully engaged in the present and excited about their future.

Don't let anxiety control your family. Take the first step towards a calmer, confident and happier future.

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Kannary Keo


Cornell University
Certificate of Nutrition and Healthy Living

Marisa Peer School of Rapid Transformational Therapy

HMI College of Hypnotherapy
Weight Loss

National Academy of Sports Medicine


"I urge you, even if you feel terrified, confused or are feeling a huge amount of resistance, don’t despair and feel as though nothing can change or nothing can help you. These feelings are often the gifts, the doors we need to go through to reach the parts of ourselves we need to heal, love and transform."

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Anxiety Hypnotherapy Gold Coast


  • 5 Ways To Stand Up To Bully - Video and PDF
  • Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy Recording for Teens
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How Hypnotherapy Can Help Your Teenager

Envision a life where your child experiences daily calm and tranquility. Picture them waking up each morning, refreshed and positive after a deep, worry-free sleep. Imagine their confidence and ease in social situations, replacing fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and anxiety with hope and excitement for the future.

If your teenager has faced bullying and the associated trauma, our clinic understands the added challenges. We provide specialized resources and programs to help them overcome the impact of bullying, fostering resilience and healing. You deserve to see your teenager thrive beyond the shadows of anxiety and bullying. Take the first step towards a brighter future for your teenager by exploring the positive change we can bring to their well-being.

Hypnotherapy will allow your child to:

  • Relieve tension and enjoy a calmer more relaxed mind and body in all situations
  • Enjoy a deeper, more peaceful and rejuvenating night's sleep  
  • Have more clarity and focus in daily activities
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress, especially around school and exams 
  • Be more confident, energised and positive in social situations  
  • Overcome trauma from bullying and develop tools to stop being the target of bullies, and better handle these situations in the future
  • Improve relationships with family, friends and teachers, developing deeper more harmonious human connections  
  • Stop cycles of negative thoughts, fear and worry from clouding their mind and stealing their energy and motivation
  • Overcome past trauma that may be hidden or hard to identify the root cause of. (We do not need to dig up painful past situations to overcome their negative affects)
  • Better deal with stressful or difficult situations  
  • Become more engaged and successful in academic, sports, social and family activities.


Why Is Hypnosis So Effective In Treating Teenager Anxiety?  

What Is Anxiety?

In most cases anxiety is a learned subconscious reaction to certain triggers in our external environment or ones we create in our own mind. For children who experience anxiety, the natural responses to these triggers can include a wide range of symptoms, from racing negative thoughts to shortness of breath, insomnia and many more negative mental and physical states of being.  

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Clinical hypnotherapy allows us to access your child's subconscious mind to reframe and release the automatic stress responses, replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, to reduce anxiety and stress instantaneously. Through hypnosis, your child can begin to gain greater control over their response to triggers and stressful situations and empower the mind to be a better friend.

Will It Really Work For Your Child?

Hypnosis is now recognised by many mainstream medical professionals as a natural and successful treatment for anxiety that can often get greater results in less time and for less costs. Today there are 100's of peer reviewed scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for treating anxiety, and in my Boston based practice we have a very high success rate using hypnosis to provide long term relief for teenagers suffering from anxiety, stress, bullying, overwhelm and trauma.

But don't take our word for it...

Hear from past client's who are now free from anxiety...

(*Disclaimer: Past results do not guarantee future results.)

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  • 5 Ways To Stand Up To Bully - Video and PDF
  • Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy Recording for Teens
  • Voucher for ONE FREE Phone Consultation with Qualified Anxiety Hypnotherapist - Kannary Keo (Request a convenient time below)